To keep up with the fast growing Web-3 environment, the popular DeFi dashboard company leverages on CoinGecko’s API to display a wide range of cryptoassets on both their website and application. 


Bringing blockchain to people

Canada-based Web3 explorer is a social web-3 explorer which allows users to follow the blockchain journey of other people in NFTs, De-Fi and DAOs while keeping track of their own holdings, all in one place

With Zapper, users can discover new opportunities in NFTs with their unique estimated value and rarity score algorithm, dive deep into DAOs’ treasuries and members and explore DeFi by browsing protocols and the positions offered


Increasing the Number of Cryptoassets Tracked

Zapper wanted to find the most efficient way to track prices for all cryptoassets on-chain. 


Engaging a Data Aggregator with Wide Breadth of Tokens

To function as an “all-in-one” platform for DeFi users, Zapper leverages on CoinGecko’s API to access pricing information for 13,000+ cryptoassets.

By selecting a single source of pricing data, Zapper is able to support more than 13 chains of tokens, creating a seamless experience for their users to have an overview of their portfolio and explore other cryptoassets that they are interested in. 


Charting Market Data

Having access to 13,000+ cryptoassets data – all from a single API – has enabled Zapper to build a historical pricing chart and provide market data relating to those assets. This enables their exploration tools for users as well as their API offerings to other crypto products.

“Zapper has consistently been impressed with the quality and breadth of CoinGecko’s pricing data. We rely on it for core elements of our business, and value the partnership highly.” 

Rob Williams

Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Zapper Inc

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