CoinGecko Press Release Guidelines

To ensure a smooth and speedy publication process for your press release, please follow these guidelines:

Content Guidelines

  • Press releases must contain newsworthy content or announcements. 

  • Press releases must be factual and accurate and use objective language. The content should be free of advertising or hype, and not contain speculative statements or opinions. 

  • The content of the press release must be related to blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies. If the company issuing the news is not already in the blockchain or cryptocurrency space, the content of the press release must show how the news is relevant to the crypto space.

  • If more than one company is mentioned in the press release, please ensure that you have received permission from an authorized representative of the named company before submitting the press release.

  • Press releases must include up-to-date information of the issuing company and representatives. This includes media contact information of the company’s representative and boilerplate. 

  • Press releases must specify a date of publication.

  • Any tokens mentioned in your press release should be listed on CoinGecko. 

Style Guidelines

  • Keep headlines under 80 characters. 

  • Keep the summary under 150 characters.

  • Keep press release copy under 1,000 words. This includes the title, summary, and the “about” section. 

  • Press releases must be written in English and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. If you use acronyms, please ensure that these are explained.

  • Ensure that your accompanying image is 1200 by 600 px and is in a .PNG file format.

  • Only links to your official website and X (formerly Twitter) accounts are allowed. 

  • Indicate quotes in quotation marks with attribution to the source including their name, job title, and company. 

  • Write in the third person and avoid using first person “we”. 

  • Non-standard formatting including elements such as tables, forced line breaks, HTML tags, and non-standard characters should not be used.

Prohibited Topics

Press releases that promote or contains content and links to any of the below will not be published:

  • Adult/Sexual Content

  • Alcohol Content

  • Copyright and Trademark Infringing Content

  • Counterfeit Goods

  • Drugs and Drugs Paraphernalia

  • Illegal Material

  • Investment Advice

  • Hateful content

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Products and Services

  • Political Content

  • State Media

  • Tobacco and Tobacco Accessories

  • Weapons and Weapon Accessories

  • Unacceptable Business Practices


  • What is the process after submitting my press release?
    Once you have submitted your press release and payment is confirmed, our CoinGecko editorial team will review your submission to ensure it adheres to our press release guidelines. If your submission is approved, we will slot it into the editorial calendar and inform you of the publish date. If you have a specific date in mind, we encourage you to submit your press release early so our team can confirm your slot in our editorial calendar in advance.  

  • When will my press release be published?
    Your press release will be published either 2 business days after submission if approved, or it will be published on the specified date.

  • Where will my press release be published? 
    Your press release will be published on CoinGecko in a dedicated section featuring press releases at

  • Will my press release be published on other CoinGecko channels such as social media or newsletter?
    Press releases will only be published on CoinGecko’s website. We recommend that you link the published press release on your company’s social media pages and website to make the most out of publishing your press release on CoinGecko.

  • Does CoinGecko offer follow backlinks for press releases?
    CoinGecko has a default no-follow policy applied to all links within press releases. 

  • How many press releases can I publish per month?
    A maximum of one press release may be published per month by any partner.

  • Can I update or remove information from my press release?
    If there is a factual error in your press release that requires amendment, please contact us at <email TBC> with the subject “Press Release Amendment: [Your Published Press Release Headline]” and explain the changes that need to be made.

    If you want to remove a published press release from CoinGecko, please contact us at <email TBC> with the subject “Press Release Retraction: [Your Published Press Release Headline]” and our team will reach out to you to clarify and address your concerns.

  • How long will it take to review and approve my press release for publication on CoinGecko?
    It will take 2 business days for us to review and publish your press release. If you have a specific date in mind, we encourage you to submit your press release early so our team can confirm your slot in our editorial calendar in advance.  

  • Can I pay to receive a report on my press release’s performance after publication?
    CoinGecko does not offer performance reporting for the press release publication service.

  • Why was my press release submission rejected?
    Press release submissions are rejected for 2 main reasons:

  1. Format
    Our team reviews every press release submission to ensure they meet the guidelines above, including image size and ratio, headlines, summary, and content length limits.


  2. Content
    Your press release includes topics that do not meet the content guidelines.

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