How To Bitcoin

Bitcoin is rapidly becoming an attractive investment asset to Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and anyone looking to build their wealth. How to Bitcoin is written for beginners with easy-to-understand analogies and step-by-step guides to help you understand the Bitcoin movement and how to be part of it.

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Readers say

"Bitcoin might seem very complicated to the uninitiated and it is, but this book really simplifies it."​
mati greenspan
Mati Greenspan​
Founder & CEO of Quantum Economics
"It's not too late to be early to bitcoin. How to Bitcoin is a great introduction that anyone can learn from whether you're a beginner or financial professional. Find out why crypto is the fastest growing asset class in the world."
Nicolas Cary
Nicolas Cary
Co-Founder of and Co-Founder & Chairman of
"Education ensures that everyone can benefit from the Bitcoin revolution."
Dan Held
Business Development Manager of Kraken

Chapters included in this book

Part One:
What is Bitcoin?

Chapter 1: Bitcoin and Money

Government Money
2008 Financial Crisis
The Birth of a Financial Alternative
Characteristics of Bitcoin
Use Cases of Bitcoin - Can bitcoin be our new money?

Chapter 2: Anatomy of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Ledger
Understanding the Blockchain Structure
Mining on the Blockchain
Bitcoin Transactions

Chapter 3: The History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Key Events
The Mt. Gox Hacking
Silk Road Shutdown
Block Reward Halving
New York Agreement (NYA)
Lightning Network

Part Two:
Bitcoin & You

Chapter 4: Keeping your Bitcoins Safe

Public Key and Bitcoin Address
Common Bitcoin Risks
The Basics of Bitcoin Security

Chapter 5: Getting your first bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins
Cryptocurrency Brokerages
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplaces
Earning Bitcoin
Mining Bitcoin

Chapter 6: Storing your bitcoin safely

Hardware Wallet: Trezor One Mobile Wallet Browser Wallet
Lightning Network Wallets
Phoenix Wallet
Alternative Lightning Wallets

Chapter 7: Advanced Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Core Full Node
Samourai Mobile Wallet

Part Three:
The Future of Bitcoin

Chapter 8: Bitcoin’s Improvements

What’s Next?

Chapter 9: Beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin Forks
Smart Contract Platforms
Privacy Coins

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